Jim's Grilled Vidalia's
(This is the creation of Jim Downey in Kentucky .... and this is the way he fixes them)

Cut Vidalia's in half (diagonally), do not wash, leave skin on.

Place cut side down on grill and allow to cook until they are almost completely tender. They may turn a little black, but that's ok. Once you turn the skin side down on the grill, squeeze butter and "Tony Chachere's" Original Seasoning into them . So far, we have found no seasoning substitutes that work as well as this. You don't stop there. Oh, No! You continue to add the butter and seasoning several times. Make sure you see it bubbling inside the onion. When it is tender enough that it appears transparent, all you have to do is serve it and enjoy. Jim says "When they are done the skin will slip right off. They are so tender and delicious. Makes your tongue slap your granny. "

This has been a hit with everyone that has tried it. Even people that don't like onions think it's Delicious !!!!

Note: When you have several onions on the grill you can place them close together and they will help hold each other upright. The grates in the grill also help. Place the onion bottoms in the slots. We have the Tony Chachere's down here in KY and everywhere in the South. If you can't find it at your grocer store, you can find which store in your area has it by going to the Tony Chachere website at